Cannot install VX-6000 on my Vista computer



Ok, so, since the CD it came with was version 1.1 I immediately downloaded
the latest driver (v.2) from the Microsoft support site. I proceeded to
install the software, connect the webcam when instructed--and here was when
I encountered issues. At first it would just recognize it as a CAMERA20 (as
in 2.0), and it couldn't locate the drivers. I attempted to have the
computer search for them in tthe Lifecam folder, but to no avail. Next, I
attempted to install version 1.3 of the software and, while it now recognized
it as a VX-6000, it wouldn't install properly, as it stated some portion of
the program stored in the INF folder contained data compatible with Windows
95. It also recognized the webcam again, as a CAMERA20 and, of course, the
drivers were unable to be installed. Now, I installed version 2.0 and this
time it did recognize my hardware as a VX-6000 (as well as a CAMERA20) and it
does not work. When I open the Lifecam application, I receive a "no camera
has been found" error. I know this is all confusing, but could someome
please help??!!




Yes uninstall it all and install the 1.3 drivers and software using windows
XP compatibly then hook up the cam. Once installed restart the computer and
Install the new drivers and software. All should work.

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