LifeCam vx-1000 drivers need to be reinstalled on Windows Vista up



Hi, thank you in advance for your advice.

I have a LifeCam VX-1000 of which I followed the instructions to a "T" when
installing it via the software, installing it on Windows Vista (including
only plugging in the USB connection when the software asked for it).
Whenever I turn my machine back on (after being shut down properly for the
night) I will receive a request to add the new hardware. Except, when I go
through and try and install it via the Windows Update option it shows no
drivers for the Microsoft webcam, which is a cack. But that's not the
problem - how on Earth can I get the LifeCam VX-1000 drivers to "stick" so
that I don't have to continually reinstall the software and unplug and replug
in the damn thing? It's supposed to be Vista compatible. Graar.

Other experiences with similar circumstances - but different hardware:

1. I had a similar problem with my top quality HP printer which ended up
needing a change of setting for the Service for that particular piece of
hardware. This hardware was utilising a connection over my wireless network
though - not my USB ports.

2. I have a similar problem with my USB head phones, too - whenever I
reboot the damn things don't work anymore and instead "scream" in my ear if
you know what I mean. I have to unplug and replug into the USB port (I have
tried several ports, all with the same outcome). The USB ports work for
other items.


I'm having the same problem with Windows XP Pro SP2. Every other USB device
is fine, it's just that the "New Hardware Found" wizard starts up for the
VX-3000 every time I boot up the PC. If I cancel the wizard and unplug and
replug in the camera, everything works fine. Any ideas anyone?

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