LifeCam VX-6000 Hardware Install Problem



Get the following installation error when attaching the MS VX-6000 webcam to
an XP SP3 pc:

There is a problem installing the hardware:
USB20 Camera
An error occurred during the installation of the device.
The data is invalid

I have uninstalled the software, and hardware, and reinstalled both again
with no change. Have updated the driver. No change there either. Tried
different USB ports. No change.

The MS Hardware Support pages have no help. I successfully installed the
camera on 2 other XP PCs just fine.


vx-6000 issue

I tried this and it worked:
• Now, Pay careful attention to these instructions
Open the run utility in the start menu and type "regedit". this will take
you to the windows registry. Extend these items in the tree list on the left
of the registry window: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet >
Control > Class > {6BDD1FC6-810F-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F} - once you are at
this point, have a look to your right at the contents section of that folder
and look to see if there is a lower or upper filter. these will actually have
the display name lowerfilter or upperfilter. if there is either of these or
both in the registry than delete them (MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE IMAGING
VERY TOP) and restart the machine. if the cam is still installed in device
manager uninstall it before restarting. Once you are back into windows you
should be able to plug in the device and it will install itself but make sure
that you have installed the software first or things are not going to go your
way. If this has helped any one than please hit me back on how it went as you
will not find this procedure anywhere else but RIGHT HERE so feedback would
be much appreciated.


I'm having the same problem, but the registry entry does not have the lower
and upperfilter directories anywhere under this entry.
It's most frustrating, since the camera actually worked ONCE but after I
restarted the laptop it's been giving me this error.
I also tried to install this on my Windows XP x64 PC. There are drivers for
this on the microsoft, but if you try to install them, it will tell you that
you OS is not compatible. I have SP2 installed on my x64 machine and SP3 on
my laptop. All in all very frustrating. MS support wants $30 initial fee,
which is of course no help on a $50 product. MSFT can contact me if they want
further information.


Im having exactly the same issue. I have XP SP3.

When you installed on the other machines did you notice if they had SP2 or

Im thinking of uninstalling SP3.

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