VPN using broadband connection



Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some tips: I have a VPN connection setup
on a domain. I have a client that has a VPN connection to
our company. This user is wanting to connect by a
broadband connection. When the user goes to login to the
company domain, it says that the domain cannot be
reached. Now, I know you can set a dialup to connect with
the use dialup connection on the loggin screen, but they
don't want to dial, they want to use the high speed
connection and then go into the VPN. Does anyone know how
to do that?

thanks in advance

Bill Grant

What you want to do will work. Don't worry about the word "dialup". It
really only means a remote connection.

So set up the VPN connection. (With a broadband Internet connection you
don't need the "dial another connection first" option). Make sure you set it
up "for all users" so that it shows up in the "log on using a dialup
connection" list.

Now select the "login using a dialup connection" option and select the
VPN connection from the list. The system will establish the VPN connection
and do a domain login.


Thanks so much for your reply. It was the dialup that was
confusing me. I must have just have it setup for 'myself'
and that is why it is not working.
Jan 17, 2009
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Is it possible for me to create an VPN using my Broadband connection.??If so please tell me the entire procedure.


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