VPN Setup



Hey all,
I ran the VPN Wizard and it said it successfully setup
the server.

Do I need to do anything special after that to get a
client to connect. Because I setup a client pc to attempt
a connection and it said server unreachable.

Am I doing something wrong?

I have 1 win2k server with active directory, 1 network
card, 1 router

Thanks for any help,




You need to allow access to each user. On the properties
page for each user you can allow access or deny access
under the dial-in tab.

Bill Grant

Can you make a connection from a client on the same LAN as the server?
If you can, the server config is OK.

If the server is on a private LAN behind a router, you can only connect
through the Internet using the router's public IP or FQDN. You need to
forward tcp port 1723 from the router to the server's LAN IP. The router
must also allow GRE (IP protocol 47).


how do I allow GRE on my RRAS to be forwarded to a VPN
server in my LAN. I can foward 1723 port but I do not know
how to allow GRE on the RRAS.



Bill Grant

Is this RRAS server directly connected to the Internet and acting as a
firewall? If not, the blocking of GRE is probably happening somewhere else.

If your RRAS server is acting as a firewall and is blocking ports and
protocols (ie set to "deny all except" mode), you need to enable filters to
pass VPN traffic. Forwarding tcp port 1723 will automatically allow that. To
allow GRE, you need to set a filter in both Input Filters and Output filters
to allow protocol 47.


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