VPN Server Setup with one NIC



How do you sent up a Win2k server VPN with one NIC ? Our ADSL router is
connected to the network on the same subnet as the server. MS VPN setup
wizard and and setup documents seem to use two NIC's, one connect directly to
the Internet and other to the LAN and really doesn't explain what to set for
the 1 NIC.



Hi dear friend,

you have one way to set up useful vpn server in your network with explained

connect adsl router directly to the NIC of server which will use as a NAT
and VPN server and connect other NIC to your Internal Switch.
configure RRAS with available wizard. ( recommended )

If you need more information please let me know.

In this condition your vpn server will be available to reach from external
remote users ( at least, you need two public IP Address ) one for adsl router
and one for vpn server Public NIC

please give me more information about your adsl router's configration
adsl router configured as a NAT? or bridge?
did you registered any public IP Address for your company?

I'm waiting for your reply...


Also you can design DMZ subnet and locate your vpn server in DMZ with one NIC.
Choose RRAS Custom configuration and select VPN server.

in this condition you need more configuration in your network environment.

VPN server with one NIC in internal network is not recommended network
design, but if you want to configure vpn server for private usage you can
follow custom configuration wizard from RRAS console.


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