VPN problem..help.

Nov 19, 2010
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Problem: I Can connect but Cannot browse the network using VPN connection. I don't know much about networking so here I am.

I am trying to set up VPN at my work. I am running MS server 2003 on the server. Here is how the server is tied to the internet and other computers. Note, the server has only one NIC.

(Internet Vz Fios)---->(Wireless router. DHCP whatever)------>(Dell HUB)------->(SEVER 2003 w/ 1 NIC, Other computers, phones)

The IP of the server is:
Subnet mask:

So, I was able to set the basic settings for VPN in the server. I made a pool of address in the Server for VPN connection from For some reason the subnet mask is: I dont know if that is the problem.

I can make connection to the server from home but I cannot browse the network. I can ping the computers. I can even log in to the Wireless router.

I have tried..."\\servername\folder\" all that.

Does anyone know what i might be doing wrong?


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