VPN initiated Remote Desktop Connection disconnects after 1 minute of idle activity



We have a Windows 2003 server running RRAS. VPN is operating fine. We also
have our users use Remote Desktop Connection to access their
office PCs (all Windows XP systems).
When our users access the network via the VPN and use Remote Desktop
Connection they get disconnected after only about 1 minute of idle time (no
user input). The VPN connection itself remains connected.

I changed the local Group Policy for one of the Windows XP host systems.
I accessed this by running "gpedit.msc".
This is what I did:
1) Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Terminal Services -
2) Enabled 'Set time limit for idle sessions' to 1 hour.

That did not help matters. We still experienced the disconnect only after
about one minute of idle time.

What can be causing this?


-- jirkoo

Jeffrey Randow (MVP)

Take a look at the event logs on both the server and the workstation
to see if it logged an error that indicates why this happens... If it
was the VPN disconnecting, then this is a known issue...

Jeffrey Randow (Windows MVP - Networking & Smart Display)
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of all USENET users. Messages sent via email may or may not
be answered depending on time availability....

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After looking at the event logs on both the server and the workstation, I
have found nothing that indicates any errors related to the VPN or the
Remote Desktop disconnecting.
And again, the VPN connection does stay alive when this happens.

Two users have experienced this problem, I myself when using VPN/Remote
Desktop from home have not experienced this problem.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


-- jirkoo

Mike Chan [MSFT]

This doesn't seem to be a VPN issue - however, you want to verify your TS
settings - does this behavior happen if you are not over a VPN?

Mike Chan
Technical Product Manager (ISA Server/VPN)
Security Business Unit
Microsoft Corporation

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.


Hey Mike,

No, this does not happen when we are not over a VPN. In fact, when the
users in question VPN internally (in the office) and TS into their office
workstations they do not experince this problem.

I was thinking maybe it was an ISP problem, but:
1) these are 2 users with 2 separate ISPs
2) if it was an ISP problem, they would also lose the VPN connection

So, I am out of ideas.

Any ideas would be great.


Jul 13, 2013
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Did this ever get solved? This just started affecting my company after upgrading 5520's from 8.1 to 9.1. Users on the inside can RDP all day without issue, however, VPN users all have freezing issues when using RDP

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