VPN From Win2003 to Win2003 Server messes up routing table




I have a question:, I have two windows 2003 servers located in different
locations. I am running RRAS on both of the servers. I have one server
"Server A" establish a VPN with the other server "Server B" for which it gets
a static ip address in the range 66.96.xxx.xxx. I then bind one of my
websites using iis on Server "A" to the newly assigned VPN obtained static
ip: 66.96.xxx.xxx . At this point I think everything is okay as I'm able to
pull up the website that is now sitting on 66.96.xxx.xx from different
locations and also able to ping it, as well as being able to view all the
other websites running on iis that are bound to ips resident on "Server A"

This is the problem, When I have the VPN going from "Server A" to "Server
B" and "Server A" gets assigned a static IP from "Server B" all of my
websites on "Server A" are NOT viewable to users accessing them from any ip
that begins with 66.xxx.xxx.xxx however any user not accessing from
66.xxx.xxx.xxx are able to view my websites without any problems. After
doing a route print on "Server A" both before and after establish the VPN I
see the following difference of one entry being: 66.96.xxx.xxx 66.96.xxx.xxx 1

66.96.xxx.xxx is the ip that "Server B" has assigned to "Server A"

Any help would be apprecaited as I really need to be able to have my
websites be viewable to all users even after establishing a vpn with another


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