VPN Client Error 619



Okay I have wasted about 30 hours on this now.
I have a windows 2003 server in my office which is running a Remote
Access Service.
I can connect to it with one PC but not the other. Buth PCs are XPPro

The one that cannot connect has Norton AntiVirus 2005 installed but I
have disabled the worm protection.

I have disabled the windows firewall.

I don't have any other firewalls.

I have read every and I mean every other post on this topic in every
newsgroup you can imagine.
Keep in mind, I can connect using one PC bot not the other, so the
server is NOT the issue. Both PCs are behind the same router, I get the
same issue when I take out the router, even when I am within the same
network as the 2003 server. I am using the same username and password
on both pcs.

I use the "Create new connection wizard" and give it the same info as
on the PC that does work.
When I connect, it says "verifying username password" but then gives me
the 619.
Now I know that seems like there is a connection, but the log on the
server doesn't show anything at all.

Here are some other info on the pc that cannot connect:

IBM Thinkpad T43p
NIC: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet (Driver
Other things installed:
Cisco VPN Client Version (this one does work)
Norton AntiVirus 2005 (Worm protection disabled)

The funny thing is that the PC that does work has both Norton Worm
protection and Windows Firewall turned on. I tried this on the one that
doesn't work still nothing.

Also after every change I have restarted the PC for good measure so
that's not it.

Thank you

Janani [MSFT]

1) Can you use Portqry tool to see if you are able to reach the server's
PPTP/L2TP port from the client. (See
http://blogs.technet.com/rrasblog/archive/2005/11/28/415190.aspx for details
on Portqry)
- This will get it cleared that there is nothing blocking traffic
between the client and server

2) Do you have any remote access policy configured on the server which might
be dropping the connection?

3) Can you provide the RAS tracing logs from the client and server when you
get this error. See
http://blogs.technet.com/rrasblog/archive/2005/12/22/416421.aspx for steps
to enable tracing.


After many many hours I determined the issue and solved it. thought I'd
post the answer here so here it is.
It had nothing to do with any Virus protection, or windows firewall.
Apparently Cisco launched this a service called "Cisco Systems, Inc.
VPN Service" when windows starts. Even if you don't use the client that
service is running. With that service running the windows VPN has
trouble doing the handshake with the VPN server. So all you need to do
is stop that service, use windows VPN and when you're done and you want
to use the Cisco VPN, you can restart that service and proceed. Pretty
simple and it only took a month of debugging to figure out because of
how misleading error 619 is.


Wow...I spent hours on this issue scouring the web for answers. You
solution above worked!

Thanks for the help


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