VPN and WAN Routing/Browsing



Hello, I've poked about here looking for info on how to
route WAN traffic...
ere is what I am trying to do...
1 win2k server, one NIC, behind firewall.
AD/DC, DHCP, DNS (local), WINS
192.168.10.x subnet

I have 5 or so offices, each running their own subnet.
192.168.3.x etc. etc.

I have VPN PPTP setup on the server and RRAS installed and

The client computer makes the connection, not a VPN router.

The remotes may or may not be members of the domain (but
probably will be...)

I want the remotes to be able to vpn to the network,
(default gateway will not be checked in this case as I
want their Internet to go through their local ISP, not
mine), AND if necessary be able to route through the
router to each other.

Could someone give me an example of how the routes should
be setup to achieve this?

Thanks, Edward.



Bill Grant

If the client machine dials directly to the server the routing is
automatic. The server will set up a host route back to the client through
the VPN connection, The client will set up a subnet route to the VPN
server's local subnet (See KB 254231).

One thing to watch out for. Making a VPN connection to your DC running
DNS and WINS can have a nasty effect on your LAN setup (because it becomes
multihomed). See KB 292822.


Thanks for the reply and the info, I'll check it out. Is
the routing then automatic from one vpn client to another?

For example:
computer connects to the vpn/rras at x.x.10.1
computer connects to the vpn/rras at x.x.10.1

Will x.x.1.1 be able to browse/see x.x.2.1 ??

Thanks again, Edward



Bill Grant

That's a pretty clumsy way to go about it. A normal VPN connection is
based on a client-server model. So the default setup only takes care of
routing between the client and the server.

If you want clients in separate sites to be able to interact, you really
need to set up the site links as routed connections. The VPN connections
should be between routers, not between individual clients and servers. The
is heaps of info or site to site VPN links (also called LAN to LAN or router
to router VPN links) in the help files in W2k/W2k3 and at the Microsoft

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