Route to remote vlan


Tom Celica

We have a local VLAN of 192.168.4.x with an installed RAS/VPN Server, which
has an internal IP of RAS/VPN clients connections are
assigned an IP from a pool with a 192.168.4.x IP. When clients connect from
the VPN their gateway is the internal IP of the VPN. A typical connection
would get assigned a tcp/ip configuration like this:
Client IP =
Gateway - the internal IP of the RAS/VPN Server

RAS/VPN clients can access any server in the 192.168.4.x VLAN.

ISSUE: We would like clients coming in on the VPN into be able to connect
to servers in our 192.168.10.x VLAN. Local internal users can access the
192.168.10.x VLAN thru the local gateway I think I need to
create a static route on our VPN Server to that 192.168.10.x VLAN

Can someone explane how to give access to VPN clients to the 192.168.10.X




Bill Grant

The best solution is to put the remotes in their own subnet (not the
192.168.4. ). You then enable IP routing on the RRAS server and set up your
routing as if the remotes were just another subnet on your LAN.

When you put the remotes in the same subnet as a LAN segment, no real
routing is done. The RRAS server acts as a proxy for the remotes and does
proxy ARP for them. This is OK for a simple one segment LAN but isn't really
suitable for a routed network.




I have run into a similar situation with a "multi location" type WAN
configuration. All of my workstations were able to communicate to each other
once I had them all on the same subnet and pointing at a single WINS server
(statically set). You may also try have a single DNS server as the DNS1 IP
in the client configuration.

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