volume control program



my problem is that when i try to activate the place the
volume icon in the taskbar button (from control panel -
sounds and audio devices )i get the following message:
windows can not display the volume control on the taskbar
because the volume control program has nat been
installed. to install it, use add/remove programs.
where can i find the volume control program?
thank you

Larry Maietta

At that same point, actually, close to, control panel, sounds and audio,
chose the sound tab, next to the general tad, and look to see that a sound
scheme has been chosen. If you see no sound, click the arrow, and pick the
Windows default key. Then make sure that the correct sound card has been
chosen in the other tabs.
I hope this helps, and Please post back to this string, so others will know
if it worked or not, and they can help.

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