"volume control program" not installed


leo chester

Using windows XP professional, I am trying to install
the "volume control program" - i do not have an audio
problem on my laptop - but i just want to have the volume
control on my taskbar! Currently, when in the "Sounds
and Audio Devices Properties" dialog if i tick "place
volume icon in the taskbar" I get an error message saying
i need to install the "volume control program" by using
the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel. However, I have
tried this and cannot seem to locate any option to
install the "volume control program". How do i do this ?


many thanks for the article link - solved !
The only thing that i still dont understand is that there
doesnt seem to be a "sound recorder" as in previous
versions of windows - has this been removed or is there a
way of installing this too - i cant find it in
the "add/remove" programs dialog? (it used to come under
the 'multimedia' subsection of windows components...

Carrie Garth

<SNIP> there doesnt seem to be a "sound recorder" <SNIP> in the
"add/remove" programs dialog?<SNIP>

By default this item does not appear in the Add/Remove Programs tool in
Control Panel. However by modifying the sysoc.inf file, as explained in the
following Microsoft Knowledge Base Article, you can cause it to be

KB223182 - Adding Optional Components to Add/Remove Programs Tool

Specifically, you will need to remove HIDE from the "MultiM="... line.
After editing the %SystemRoot%\Inf\sysoc.inf file open Control Panel, open
Add/Remove Programs, click the button: Add/Remove Windows Components,
select the Component: Accessories and Utilities and click the Details...
button, select Multimedia and click the Details... button, check to select
the "Sound Recorder" entry, click OK and install it.

Note: The Windows\inf folder is a hidden folder. As such, you need to
configure your computer "To display hidden files and folders" as explained
in the Help and Support Center topic of that name. Or use the Search
Companion to search for the file and configure it to Search system folders
and Search hidden files and folders after clicking "More advanced options".

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