Visual studio 2003 SQL 2005 client tools Framework 1.0 and 2.0



I had:
..Net framework 1.0 / 1.1, visual studio 2003.
I then intalled the client tools for SQL 2005 which installed an Visual
studio 2005 on my computer.
Later, I downloaded and installed OneCare - an antivirus, antispam
product from Microsoft. The last item had problem in the install and I
contacted Microsoft for help.
During the many phone sessions on this issue, a microsoft technician
who was trying to help resolve an issue with the new oncare product of
Microsoft, actually uninstalled .Net framework 1.0, .Net FrameWork 2.0
and the MSMXL package. He then re installed Framework 2.0 (not the
1.1). Now of course Visual studio 2003 developer editions does work.
What a mass.
What are my options:
- Uninstall everything (.Net framework 2.0, SQL 2005 tools, visual
studio 2003) and start again? Will it work with so many install un
- Forget about visual studio 2003 and convert all my work done in 2003
to 2005? Might be a painful and time consuming task
- Reformat? Another option that will take forever. As a developer I
have so many tools and utilities and to get them all upgraded patched
and so on takes forever.

I will appreciate any input on this matter.



Norman Yuan

The version of VS2005 installed with SQL Server2005 client tool is not a
full version. I t can only be used to design report for SQL Server Reporting
Services. You cannot use it to convert your VS2003 projects and continue
your developing with the limited version of VS2005.

So, if you still need to do work with your developing projects, you need to
either install VS2003 again, and hence, .NET1.1, or Get full version of
VS2005, convert all project to .NET2.0.

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