Liquid XML Studio Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 IsExpected Soon



Following the recent launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Liquid Technologies Ltd, the private software business behind Liquid XML Studio, have stated that they'll be comprehensively supporting Visual Studio 2012 by means of new runtime libraries in an coming Service Pack Release.

Microsoft talk about Visual Studio 2012 as a “powerful IDE that helps ensure quality code over the entire application lifecycle, from design to deployment. Regardless if you’re creating applications for SharePoint, the web, Windows, Windows Phone, and beyond, Visual Studio is your ultimate all-in-one solution.”

Liquid XML Studio has been identified as an XML toolkit and IDE, that contains all the tools essential for designing as well as creating XML applications, which includes an XML Editor, XML Schema Editor, WSDL Editor, Web Service Tools etc.

Liquid Technologies Ltd are going to be launching new Runtime libraries to help with an easy integration between Liquid Studio 2012 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. This will allow for Liquid Studio users to develop XML and XSD applications within the familiar Microsoft Visual Studio environment, allowing for customers to work with Liquid Studio inside the Microsoft Visual Studio application itself.

The XML Schema Editor is also offered with Microsoft Visual Studio, enabling customers to visually alter an XSD document. The editor also offers a split code/graphical view, letting users utilizing “an unprecedented level of control for editing schemas.

A few of the other Liquid XML Studio 2012 features include a new xml datamapper, Silverlight 5 code generation and Liquid runtime, improved WSDL 2.0 validation, a better Large File Editor, Liquid Runtime support for Linux gcc4.3.3 32bit C - and many other features and improvements.

To get a hold of Liquid XML Studio 2012 or for more information, take a look at,

About Liquid Technologies

Liquid Technologies Ltd, provides world-leading productivity software for XML software developers conforming to the W3C standards. Their leading product, Liquid XML Studio 2012, is undoubtedly an superior XML Development Environment and also XML toolkit which includes an XML Editor made up of all the tools needed for creating and developing XML schema and XML applications.

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