Vista won't burn Data CDs



When I insert a blank disc (CD-R), Vista prompts me to "Burn Files To Disc
Using Windows".

-I select this then change Disc name & format to "mastered".

-I then move the documents I want to burn to the DVD RW Drive (E:).

-I select "Burn Files" and it begins to add data to image disc but suddenly
ejects the CD and an error message follows: "There was a problem burning this
disc" and thats it! No help, no troubleshoot, no solutions!

Windows says I have the most updated driver for my DVD-RW Drive. (ATAPI DVD

In device manager the name for my drive is missing the 'R' in DVD RW. So it
only reads ATAPI DVD W DH16W1P.... could this be the problem?

What's more puzzling is that I've used Windows Media Player to burn music
files. It worked great! So the CD-Rs are fine. I'd prefer to use the windows
burning wizard or whatever so I don't have to buy Nero etc...

Please Help! I hope I was detailed enough. Thanks for your time!

Larry Maturo

Don't depend on Windows for your drivers. Half the time their drivers
lock up the system and requires you to roll back to before you installed
them. Be suure to visit the drive makers web-site to see if they have
new Vista drivers available.

-- Larry Maturo

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