Unable to read Pocket/Mini CD in Vista Utlimate x64


Ed Warren

Windows Vista Utlimate x64
When I insert a Pocket CD-R, AutoPlay pops us (Select Burn file to disc),
When click on drive nothing happens, Under properties: Used space:0, Free
space:0, Capacity: 0. Tried to format: nothing happens.

The drives read/write the "standard Cd/dvd r/rw" fine

Note: Under Windows Server 2008, it does not even recognize the mini/pocket
cd's it tells me to insert a writable cd.

Where do I start to fix the problem? Anyone else seen this?


Ed Warren

I know the drives on the Win 2008 server support the mini size, I'm running
that machine as a 'dual boot', WinXp and Server 2008. They work when running
under XP and fail Under Server 2008. Since the Vista x64 machine is totally
new, I don't know, just found the problem, and starting to investigate. You
bring up a good question, I'm not sure how I can answer the question, but
thanks for the response.
Ed Warren
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Richard G. Harper said:
Are you sure your drive supports these discs? This is not automatic.

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