vista ultimate file backup



I am using the Vista File Backup program that comes with Vista Ultimate. I
am backing up to a 500GB USB disk. The first backup takes up approximately
125GB. I have the automatic backup set to 1AM each day. I use the computer
in business with some Word and Excel documents being added or changed daily.

The backup functions properly but fills the 500GB USB disk up in
approximately 10 days, at which point I see an error message that the backup
failed due to lack of space. I have attempted deleting earlier backups and
selecting "try again", but then the error message reads "cannot find backup
mm/dd/yyyy" (which is the latest partial or failed backup). The only way I
have discovered to make the backup program work is to delete the existing
backup and start a new backup that will last for approximately 10 more days.

I have two questions. One, does the backup program make incremental backups
only after the initial backup or does it do a complete file backup each time
or periodically? Should I be able to delete older backups to make space for
newer backups?



Thank you for taking a moment to respond. I had already read the article in
the link you sent, but it does not address my specific question.


Then I suggest you should go to MSDN forums or TechNet sites and post your
question. I am kind of curious in the answer myself. My backup works
differently, though (Vista Ultimate). I have 4 machines now and in all of
them a complete backup overlaps the old one as I understand it. Kind of
wondering, if what you have might be a switch somewhere that is not
correctly set or something?


I'll give that a try. I found a forum named "" with similar type
problems being posted. My system is the 64bit VISTA, which is working great
but maybe there is a minor problem with the file backup.

Thanks again for you time.

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