Unable to Do a "Complete PC Backup" of a Vista Ultimate SP1 System


Stewart Berman

I have a few 500GB USB 2.0 attached drives so I decided to do a "Complete PC Backup" of my fairly
new Vista Ultimate SP1 system. The system drive was included (a 120GB EIDE drive with 76.9 GB used
and a 1 TB SATA drive with 89.5 GB used. The target 500GB USB 2.0 attached drive was empty.

A few minutes after I started the "Complete PC Backup" I go the following messagebox:

Windows Complete PC Backup

The Backup failed.

Failed to create the shared protection point on the source volumes. (0x8078006B)

Additional Information:
The Shadow copy provider had an unexpected error while trying to process the specified operation.

Please note that I was logged in as an administrator when I started the "Complete PC Backup".
Nothing else was running (that I could see) at the time.

What am I supposed to do now to backup my system?

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