Vista Speech Recognition And Live Messenger


Ross M. Greenberg

I'm running Vista Ultimate. And when I pop up Live Messenger my Speech
Recognition/Voice Recognition cannot function: everything I say invoice
voice recognition asking " what was that?".

If I open up a Word 2007 window or a Notepad window, there is no problem
with voice recognition. Only with Live Messenger. Microsoft tech support
says that this is a legitimate vista bug I've discovered. O Goody Goody!

Can somebody else with a similar software configuration see if they're
having the same problem?



PS: this entire message is via Speech/Voice Recognition so it obviously
works under Microsoft Mail!

Ross M. Greenberg

And yet, using the web based Microsoft Instant Messenger works like a champ
with Voice Recognition. This was initially discovered by Payton at
Microsoft tech support.



I have exactly the same problem Ross. (I posted about i on 5 feb, but no one
has had any suggestions yet!)

I'm running Vista Ultimate and if I want to use live messenger, then I
generally have to have notepad open.. say what I want in that, cut, switch
and paste!!

Tiresome, but easier than stretching the arms out to type..!

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