Vista SP1 and two problem



I had installed the Service Pack 1 RC in Windows Vista but I had noticed a
problem and a thing which I didn't appreciated:
the problem was occured with Age of Empires II, the colors in the game not
were displayed correctly, in particular, the lawn and the trees. I had
played with AoE II with Ati Catalyst 7.12 drivers installed and Ati X600
graphic board.
the thing which I didn't appreciated was in the images folder and videos
folder in media center, they were displayed the 4 slot for memory card of my
card reader: USB CF Reader, USB MS Reader,
USB SD Reader, USB SM Reader, I would have prefered it was dispalies in that
folders only the eventual memory card inserted in the card reader.
I hope that this problem will be corrects before the final version of sp1.

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