Vista pricing - upgrade extras



With all the different types of Vista and different prices, I can see people
getting very confused as to what they need from an OS.

Say if someone purchases Vista Home Basic, but find there are functions they
need in Home Premium, what do they do?
Do they have to suck it and buy a new version of windows or can they upgrade
via the extras? If they can upgrade via the extras panel, what would be the
pricing for going from basic to premium?




LoneWolf said:
And again

Yes you can upgrade for a snippet via the 'anytime upgrade',
but as we said, no firm prices as yet. There are limitations
though. eg: home to home premium, etc etc.

Thanks for the information. Lets hope the prices are fair. To be fair they
should be the price difference between the home basic and home premium
packages. Not a penny more :)


LoneWolf said:
I don't believe than anyone said the prices were 'fair'.

I don't know what country you are from, but check the
post under yours. "More for OZ's Vista"

The general opinion on this NG is that the prices are
anything but 'fair' !

By all rights, the price between Home & Home premium
upgrade doesn't really have to be the difference ($ wise) between
the two. If anything it should be less as you already have the
basic code anyway. And, if you do upgrade through 'anytime upgrade'
you will be redirected to a retailer/OEM and not MS.

Oh I never thought at one minute that Vista pricing is fair, IMO their
prices are pretty gross. What I mean is that the upgrade prices should be
fair and the same as the difference between the two products.
I.E. If I buy Home basic and want to upgrade to home premium, it would be
unfair to have to pay for a full version of premium after buying basic. To
make it fair, it should only be the price difference between the two
products - if home basic is £80 and premium is £100, then to be fair, to
upgrade to premium I should only have to pay £20 extra.


LoneWolf said:
I gathered that's what you meant. I didn't mean to sound
like you thought the prices were fair.

I apologise if it was taken that way.

Heaven only knows what will happen on this matter.
I suppose, as with everything else, the almighty $ will come in to
play somewhere along the line.

Looks like we will have to wait see.

Interesting post though. Thanks for bringing it up.

Just one of those anxious wait and see moments. I wish they would not leave
it so long to post pricing though, release is only a month away and I need
to know how much money I will need for the editions.



Jupiter Jones [MVP]

Then unfortunately for you they are not.
Microsoft has stated the cheapest is to buy the version of Vista you want to
begin with.
An Anytime Upgrade from Home Basic plus the cost of Anytime Upgrade to Home
Premium will be more expensive than simply starting with Home Premium.
Plan accordingly.

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