Outlook Vista - Outlook 2003 calendar unable to make/edit new appointments

May 8, 2008
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HI - new & first post

AVG free, CCleaner,
Adaware, Windows defender
WiFI, 2Gb broadband
Packard Bell laptop - Intel core 2 duo, [email protected], 2039mb, 32 bit

Problem is that recently I used some trial 2007 office software (excluding outlook 2007), and since then (coincidence or not) I have been unable to make any calendar entries.

I have also tried to use activ sync with my recently hard reset IPAQ to refresh data (it had completely locked itself somehow hence no option but to hard reset) - may be connected, dunno, but included for fuller picture. Connection fails all the time now with system stating it'strying to obtain server update connection - don't use one...

Anyway - here's hoping somebody can tell me why I can no longer use my calendar.
Emails are no problem whatsoever
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