Vista keeps forgetting ReadyBoost after Resume from Sleep



Okay, I have this issue on 2 separate laptops using 2 different types of
memory card. One uses an SD Card 4GB, the other a Memory Stick Pro Duo. I
have Vista Service Pack 1 with all the updates.

Both work great with ReadyBoost, but after resuming from standby mode, Vista
seems to forget the cache exists and stop accessing it. Then when you go
into properties and try to set a new cache, it tells you there isn't enough
space, as the old cache has been left in place and is filling up the disk -

I have verified this by checking the performance monitor's access of the
relevant drive, and also as the MS Duo has a flashing usage light.

How can I stop Vista SP1 getting its knickers in a twist over such a simple
thing as 'sleep' mode on a laptop, and just keep permanant track of the
memory cards that remain inserted?

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PS: The memory cards are in an ExpressCard slot using the appropriate
adapter, not USB.

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