Vista does not detect external display




My Dell XPS M1330 running Vista Ultimate 32bit has a VGA and one HDMI
port. Formerly I connected external displays like monitors or
projectors using the VGA connection. To activate the external display
I used Windows Mobility Center to do so.

Some days ago I connected my TV using HDMI. Since that time, Windows
Mobility Center does not detect any external displays connected to
VGA. If I activate the option to extend the desktop to an external
monitor using the graphic cards driver or the display panel in the
control panel everything works.... but not with Windows Mobility
Center, where the monitor is not detected, even, if the screen is
already mirrored to the external one.

I suppose, that Mobility Center tries to connect external displays
connected to the HDMI port.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks for your help!


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