Vista Defender Pro?



I was using my laptop one day when this thing called Vista Defender Pro
popped up. It completely blocked me from using the internet, and then
'scanned' my laptop and told me that I had 29 infections and gave a brief
description of them. This looks extremely fake to me-all of these
'infections' I have are on programs that don't even make any sense! (You
know, like those fake scans that pop up when you're on certian websites that
want you to pay to 'fix your computer') I was able to open my Internet
Explorer after forcing the Vista Defender Pro to allow my computer to open it.

And when I try to open my Windows Defender-it just opens up this whole Vista
Defender Pro thing. I can't do anything on it-I can't scan my system, I
can't turn on my firewall-I've even gone to the control pannel to try and
access my secruity from there. If I try to open up anything security related
this Vista Defender Pro pops up and won't let me do ANYTHING unless I buy the
full version!

Does anybody know anything about this? I can't change ANY of my security
features unless I pay for this 'Vista Defender Pro'!


it sounds like a rogue program- do NOT pay for it because it is not real
if you can get to the internet download superantispyware and run it
if you cannot superantispyware has a portable scanner that you can put (from
someone else's computer) that can be put on a usb flash drive
and run it from there. you can get it at

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