Why doesn't defender detect "antivir solution pro" parasite?



I spent a few hours getting rid of the malware "antivir solution pro." This
is a malicious program that appears to get on your computer from TRUSTED
websites that are hacked, and comes through internet explorer. Here's a good
source of information on this parasite:

"Antivir solution pro" blocks your ability to open programs like defender,
task manager, and others, and tries to scare you into thinking your computer
is super infected and that you should BUY "antivir solution pro." Of course
that is bogus and "antivir" IS the parasite. It blocks your internet access
through internet explorer (which you can restore by changing LAN settings).
The quickest solution was to use firefox and download a FREE anti malware
program from malwarebytes.org (or cnet) and remove the parasite. Spydoctor
doesn't remove it unless you BUY spydoctor.

Supposedly, windows defender SHOULD detect this parasite, but I ran a quick
scan (from windows' safe mode) and then a full scan, and defender found
NOTHING. What's the deal? This isn't a new type of malware, and defender
should have caught it.


Here is how I removed it: I ran the free Norton Power Eraser from
www.norton.com/virushelp in Safe Mode to delete the start up files, then
Windows Defender did detect it. (AntiVir Solution Pro was preventing Windows
Defender and everything else from running). Then I changed my LAN settings
from proxy server to auto detect.

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