IE Defender not found in scans



Has anyone come accross IE Defender?

The IE Defender infection is a Browser Helper Object installed in your
Internet Explorer browser that hijacks searches you input into the Google and
Yahoo search engines. These hijacked searches will state that you are
infected and that you need to install the IE Defender rogue anti-spyware
program. You will also receive popups that state you are infected when
browsing the web. The reality is that all of these messages and alerts are
fake and should be ignored.

However having said this, if you have young kids, you dont want them seeing
XXX rated google entries which is what has been happening to a friend of
mine. I have now managed to kill the beast but Windows Defender proved
it'self worthless and did not find it.

Come on Microsoft, pleae keep up otherwise people cant trust that you are
keeping us protected.

Got IE Defender? check here for removal instructions


Nope. It sounds like a variant of SmithFraud. I have found
SuperAntiSpyware to be very effective for this form of malware.

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