Vista computer does not discover XP computers



I have 3 computers on a wireless LAN, a Vista laptop, an XP laptop, an XP
In IE click Network Neighborhood on the XP computers and they display and
can access shared files on the Vista laptop, and on each other. In IE click
Network on the Vista computer and all it shows is itself. All computers are
in same workgroup and since each XP computer sees all the others there seems
to be no firewall issue. On Vista computer, Network and Sharing Center >
View Full Map shows all three computers plus the router.

Seems like I've had similar problems in the past that self-resolved somehow.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



Thanks for your suggestion. I can ping successfully both by IP and name.

It appears that the problem is related to Norton 360 firewall installed on
the Vista computer. I now have full file sharing working, and did so by
moving the router Mac address to the "Trusted Zone" inside the Norton 360
firewall. Pretty weird though. Consider: (1) actually turning the firewall
off did not fix the problem; (2) when the router was not "trusted" my other
computers could nevertheless access the Vista computer files (but not vice
versa). I am going to see if Norton support can shed any light on this.

Maybe some of the other folks having Vista sharing problems have similar

Dick Campbell

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