Please Help: Network XP Pro SP2 & Vista HP Computers



I have 2 computers networked to a router: A vista home-premium hardlined and
an xp SP2 wireless connection. Same Workgroup and they can access eachother
via explorer (\\Name of Computer). BUT, I cannot go to network and see the
icon for my xp computer in vista, and I cannot click on "View Workgroup
Computers" and have the vista computer appear under XP.

Read what I've done so far

On Vista Computer in Network and Sharing Center:
Network Discovery ON
File Sharing ON
Public folder sharing ON
Printer Sharing ON
Password OFF
Workgroup: Workgroup
Firewalls: OFF
I can access XP computer from explorer by typing \\xp_computer_name

On the XP computer (which is a wireless connected laptop)
I ran home networking wizard.
Workgroup: Workgroup
Sharing ON
Firewalls: OFF
LLTD Responder Update Installed *but not necessary
I can access the vista computer by typing \\vista_computer_name

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