Problems Discovering other computers on the LAN



Vista home Premium is the version. I have a small network of computers at my
house using XP and Server 2003. I just got this HP laptop yesterday with
Vista on it and connected it to the lan. Changed the workgroup name to match
the others and nothing appears in the list but the laptop itself.

If I goto another computer on the network with XP I can see the new laptop,
but vice versa doesn't work. I also can't discover the Server. Basically,
the discovery tool sucks..

If anyone has any to why it doesn't discover computers on the
network with all the settings showing that it is sharing and the network name
the same as the other computers, I'm open to ideas.


Hi Duane,

I'm having the same issue. Would love to know if anyone has solved this and
how they did.

Are you able to access folders that you shared on the Vista machine on the
computers running XP? I am finding that I can see the Vista machine from the
XP machine but not access it - I'm getting the "you may not have
permissions..." error message. I have created a user to match the user
signed in on the XP machine and given that user access to the shared folder
through the sharing interface on the Vista. So, I'm kind of stumped.



Any Ideas on a home LAN with a Mac and Linux computer? It used to be fine in
Windows XP I could Samba over to the WIn machine from my Linux or Mac but now
it is no go.


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