Vista Beta Tips and Tricks Document


Tom Ziegmann

Hi All,

To help you all out further I will be putting together a Tips and Tricks
document as well as an FAQ to go along with it. It should be ready by tomorrow
night. So look for it and when it is available..please critique it and let
me know what needs adding or changing.

Tom Ziegmann
Microsoft Certified Professional
Windows Vista / Server Longhorn Technical Beta Tester
Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 Technical Beta Tester


Just remember this is the public newsgroup, so no NOT discuss any private
information or you will be in validation of your NDA!

Just a friendly reminder..


Why yes, yes he has!
And just in time too since I think Colin ditched us! lol
Either that or he is playing with his new PC!


It sounds great, Tom!
Don't forget to include "a fix" for a stubborn messages "sitting" in INBOX
I'd appreciate that...

Intel Inside

Yeah, he seems to be a decent replacement for Colin Barnhorst.
MS seem to cycle these guys.

Intel Inside

You've posted in a rather authorative way, even capitalising every letter of
"NOT", like it is a warning.
You want Tom to do things properly/officially yet you chose to post
'anonymously' as (e-mail address removed).

Well here's a "friendly reminder" for you in return, "take care" of yourself
first my friend.
Tom is doing a great job in this ng so back off.

Rick \Nutcase\ Rogers

I think that'd be "violating", not "validating".

MS has encouraged testers to talk about this beta, there's very little that
comes under any NDA. Most information is being widely deciminated as quickly
as possible. Besides, why would a "tips and tricks" document violate
anything? It's simply useful information on a beta that is available to

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

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