Vist 64 bit problem with HP Scanjet 4050 Scanner


David Levine

I have a Scanjet G4050. I am running HP's Solution Center Software which
uses the HP Scan software ("hpqscnvw.exe").
I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 Bit with 6GB of RAM, Intel Core
2Quad Q6700, Nvidia GFORCE 8600GT, Norton Internet Security.
I just got the computer and the scanner in April 2008 and it appears that
document scanning works.
However, the scanner software crashes when I try to scan multiple 35MM film
negatives. The G4050 has a TMA that holds five strips of negatives with six
frames each. It especially crashes when scanning Black and White 35MM
negatives (256 Gray scale).
The error message is first "hpqscnvw has stopped working" and then "An
unexpected internal error has occurred. Click OK to close the program and
then try one of the following..."
Windows Event viewer says the faulting module is "ntdll.dll" which is one of
the core WIdnows Kernels I believe.
I have uninstalled all imaging software and reinstalled the latest,
installed the tablet pc patch, and spent time with HP's imaging helpdesk.
They can offer no solution and say it is a Vista problem.
My own guess is that it has something to with the 64 bit and 6GB of RAM. The
scanning software appears to put the images into short-term memory and as
that cache builds up, somehow either Windows or the HP software is not
handling the memory correctly, so the app freezes.
I had a different problem with Google Earth (which I found out does not
support 64 bit apps) and in reading up on the issue
I noticed that the problem I encountered with GE is due to GE not
recognizing the memory in a 64 bit configuration.
So, I wonder if
1) Vista 64 bit is having problems allocating memory for the HP scanner
software or;
2) if the HP scanning software is having trouble with the short-term memory
3) the HP scanning software and solution center software is, in fact, not
Vista 64 bit compatible (which is not what HP says)
4) something else
Does anyone have any ideas?

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

I'd probably put my $s on #3 but the easiest way to tell is to remove some
of the RAM (to make it 3gb or less) and see how the scanner performs with
the maximum amount of RAM a 32-bit Vista PC is able to read and use.

Please let us know what happens.

David Levine

Cari- Yes, it was in fact due to the HP software the drives the scanner - I
am working with their developers. it is a bug with respect to how it scans
Black & White Images and has nothing to do with Windows...

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