HP Scanjet 7400c Install on VISTA



Am successfully running this scanner on XP-Pro using USB connection.

Attempted to move scanner to my new VISTA Home Premium computer.

Installed the "basic" driver from HP for VISTA. Plugged in the
scanner. VISTA found the device and successfully installed the driver
without any incident.

Then installed the HP PrecisionScan Pro software. The same release
levels as using on XP-Pro. Software installed without any issues.

HOWEVER . . . when I launch the PrecisionScan software is tells me
immediately that "Sorry, Scanner cannot be initialized. (scanner not
found). I look at My Computer properties and see the scanner properly
installed (no yellow cautions).

Anyone have a clue what I am doing wrong and/or how to get running?



I had a similar problem back when I first moved to NT (WIN98 > W2K) and
using my old SJ 5P Scanner which communicates by TWAIN I found that if
I disabled the Service Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) until after
installing the scanner and its software that the scanner was

This might work for you since VISTA Home versions do not include the
Fax & Scan utility that is in the Business and higher version.

In my case I continued to use the earlier Deskscan 2.9 the preceded
Precisionscan -- I used to do on line support for Team HP on Compuserve
and we found it was better than Precisionscan. I like Deskscan which
does all I want and has a first class Copier Utility as part of it.

Worth trying -- if you do I suggest using VISTA's compatability mode
set to XP with SP2 and Run as Administrator when you install it and
you'd do no harm if you turn off antivirus and firewall software while
installing -- but don't forget to turn it back on.

Let me know if you have questions on any of this.

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