Virtual Memory Too Low Error on Startup



I am getting a message that says "Your system is low on
virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your
virtual memory paging file. During this process, memory
requests for some applications may be denied."

I have checked the paging file and it seems to be set
fine. I haven't changed anything or added anything to the
computer. This message just started popping up today, and
I have been using the computer just fine.

I am running XP Home Edition.

I Checked Microsoft Knowledge base and it told me that I
needed to remove the Aventail Connect Virtual private
netwrok program from my computer. I do not have this
program on my computer. I went to Aventails website as
microsoft instructed me to do and they said had an artice
that said that miscrosoft had been sending people their
way and that there are several reasons why i could be
getting this message and i should contact miscrosoft.
Before I pay to talk to Microsoft I wanted to see if
anyone had any suggestions.


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