Virsu say what?



I removed a virus I recently acquired. Maybe some of you have seen it?

Basically had to remove MsMovie.exe, video.exe and oo.exe.
I also removed the keys in the registry that were launching the virus
programs (or rather Trojans).

The problem that this virus caused was that the task manager, regedit and
cmd would not work.

Well the task manager works now, however regedit and cmd launche a dos
window and then closes after instantly.

I can enter the command prompt by typing (on the start/run menu option)
"command" instead of cmd and "regedt32" instead of regedit, however the fact
that I have to use these "backdoor" methods leads me to believe that there is
still some "damage" in my system. The other thing is that if I go into the
SYSTEM32 folder (C:\windows\system32) and double click on the file CMD, it
does work!

So obviously it must have something to do with running it from the RUN
button on the START menu.

Can anyone tell me how to fix it?


Crazy AL


Actually I can answer my own post hehehehe, :D
I found another post on the newsgroups relating to my problem. I should add
that besides removing the virus (the files mentionned below), the specific files in the SYSTEM32 have to be deleted, too!

They are fake files designed to block the .exe files from being selected
when calling the fnction from the RUN command in the start menu.

I haven't checked for other fake .com files, but at least I know what to
look for.

Crazy AL

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