Video plays 15% fast...?




I have a Win 2000 system that I personally use infrequently.
Other family members use it nearly every day.

Minutes ago, I went to Youtube to play a video.

It played "fast" that is, both the audio and video were
playing at about 115% of their proper speed.

My wife said "Oh yes, this system does that all the time..."

Every video source played the same way.

What might cause this sort of problem?

Many thanks,

Dave Patrick

I'd try something local on the machine. If you get the same result then you
might want to get the latest driver for your sound and graphics devices.



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I'm lucky enough to have Acronis on my computer. I had the same problem as
you and just loaded an older image of my hard drive which solved the
problem. I did google searches and didn't find one person who fixed this
problem on their own.

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