video locks up



I have a HP Pavilion a264w PC, that runs Windows XP Media Center. Recently,
I have been having problems with the video (on board Nvidia GeForce4 MX)
locking up the computer. If I go into Safe Mode, everything works fine. If
I boot into Normal Mode, it locks up everytime. There is no new software
installed that I can think of off the top of my head. I tried a System
Restore, but it still locks up. I have reinstalled the original video driver
that came with the system, and that did not help. I also went to the HP and
Nvidia websites and downloaded/installed their latest video drivers, and that
did not help either. I even went into msconfig and disabled all startup
items and non-microsoft services. It is still locking up in Normal mode. I
put a cheap PCI video card in the system and shut the onboard video off in
BIOS and everything works fine. If I go back to the onboard video, it locks
back up again. What more can I do to find out what is causing the issue w/
my video? Thanks for any ideas!





Stick with the cheap video card and disable the onboard card.
The onboard card is obvious out of date, needs drivers update
or on its last leg.

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