Video capture cards not recognized



I have a Medion 5100 MCE PC with the above card and a Haupage TV card
and am trying to capture S-video and TV using Movie Maker and Cyberlink
PowerDirector, PowerProducer software.
Problems: Although the original bundled PowerProducer Gold and an OEM
copy of PowerDirector 3 DE captured video via the two cards none of the
upgraded Cyberlink programs (PowerDirector 4, PowerProducer 3) capture
from the nVidia card but capture TV ok from the Haupage card whereas
PowerDirector 3 DE recognizes the Haupage TV card but does not capture
from it and Movie Maker doesn't even list the TV card as an available
video source.
The nVidia driver is 6.14.0010.6135 and the Hauppauge driver is
5.03.2600.2180 as obtained from DxDiag.txt. PowerDirector 3 DE captured
and edited S-video from my old hi-8 Canon very well but I hoped to
enploy the more advanced features of Cyberlink's full versions. I could
use either PowerDirector 3 DE or MovieMaker to capture the video as
either a .mpeg3 or .wmv file then import the file to PowerDirector 4
for editing and DVD burning but that is so clumsy!
Cyberlink suggest I update the drivers and I tried later drivers from
nVidia download site but these didn't capture at all so I "rolled back"
to the original drivers.
What to do? Abandon the Cyberlink software in favor of Pinnacle or
Adobe or is there any way such as via Registry editing that I can put
in the proper "hooks"?

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

If this is a PC running Windows Media Center, you need to ensure you have
the Media Center specific drivers from the Hauppauge site.

With the nVidia card, you need the WDM drivers from the nVidia website.....
I've had glitches with 2.26 but 2.20 runs like a dream and PowerDirector
never has a problem with them. My MCE has PowerDirector v4 on it, my
husband's PC has PD v4.... v3 doesn't like MCE's DVR-MS files very much
which is why I stick with v3 on the MCE PC.


Cari, I already tried Nvidia WDM Video capture driver (Universal)
vers 2.26 after first installing their latest graphics driver and had
display but no capture from any PD, PP or WMM program so I "rolled
back" to the originals. I don't see vers 2.20 on Nvidia download site.
Using Control Panel i/o DxDiag shows present Nvidia WDM Video Capture
driver to be vers and the Hauppage Win TV PVR PCI II (Encoder
16) driver to be vers 1.17.390.22029
Questions: How do I ensure that I have MCE specific drivers from either
Have you or "yours" had any problem with PD3 or 4 capturing from either
Is the MCE particularly "fussy" regarding drivers?
I am not really interested in using WMM but only tried it to check on
card functioning, Incidently, the trial version of AVS Editor (British)
works with both cards but I don't like the interface as well as that of
the Cyberlink products which suit my needs just fine but I would like
to be able to Use PD4 for video capture rather than PD3 DE and then
have to import PD3's mpeg2 video into PD4 for rendering, chapters etc.
As I mentioned in my original post, I have conducted e-mail exchange
with Cyberlink support since December 2004 on these subjects without
much resolution but I don't want to give up as I enjoy using their
software once I have the video captured. Thank you for your interest,

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Cyberlink's email support seems very iffy to me to say the least. I have
had an ongoing problem since the day PD v4 came out with the DVR-MS files
that MCE 2005 creates. They never bothered to fix it, and now apparently v5
is released! No doubt their solution will be to tell me to upgrade.

Which nVidia graphics drivers are you using with the nVidia card... 77.79
are the latest, I think I'm using the ones before this release as they seem
more stable.

WDM 2.20 drivers are on the archive site....
(you will have to scroll down a bit)

Hauppauge seem to be at 2.29 according to:

When funds permit, I will try PD v5.... if only to sort out the MCE recorded
TV files that I need to edit and burn to DVDs. Please keep us informed as
to how it's going.


Cari, I installed Nvidia graphics driver 77.79 as required before
installing 2.26_wdm-vivo.exe and found that I had no video capture with
any program so I "rolled back" and then installed 77.77 w/o installing
2.26 and got a "Serious error" message and an aborted start to WinXP so
I am back to the old drivers where I can capture with some programs.
Cyberlink allowed me to download a free copy of PP3 deluxe (since I was
such a loyal customer), I think they should rather of called me a loyal
correspondent! It does not capture from the Nvidia card either on
reporting this fact I got the following significant response:
vcahitosh Reply
Dear Richard,

Thank you for contacting Cyberlink
Online Support.

I understand you have got a
capture issue.

Power Producer 3 includes Power
Director 4 Express for free &
Power Director 4 includes Power
Producer 3 Express for free.

Certain Capture cards or TV Tuner
Crads are only compatible with
certain softwares or certain
versions of software.

It seems same thing is happening
in your case.

Please feel free to contact us back
for any further clarification in this
issue or for any assistance related
to Cyberlink products.

Thank you and best regards

I will make another attempt to upgrade the Nvidia drivers using your
Thanks, Dick


Cari, I found 2.20 drivers but am uncertain how to respond to the
release notes viz.
Release Notes:

If you are using a Personal Cinema product with a TV
tuner, download the
"VIVO and TV" driver
If you are using a VIVO (video in and out) enabled
GeForce products,
download the "VIVO" driver

NOTE: If you have downloaded and installed the Personal Cinema
driver kit that includes the display driver and WDM
driver, there is no need to download and install this driver.
(1) I believe I have Medion Power Cinema
(2) The TV tuner is Hauppage not Nvidia
(3) there are indeed S video and composite jacks on the back of the
video card but S video in is only on the front panel
Could you clarify this for me?
Thanks, Dick

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Could you give me a link to exactly which PC you have from the
manufacturer's website please,



Cari, I copied the available download info below from
You will note that there is no mention of a Nvidia Universal capture


M3 Director 5100


04-15-2005 Language: US - English Size: 6.52 MB
Download |Details
Card reader - driver and firmware
04-15-2005 Language: US - English Size: 3.05 MB
Download |Details
Hauppauge TV Tuner
04-18-2005 Language: US - English Size: 370 KB
Download |Details vers 22029

Intel Chipset
04-18-2005 Language: US - English Size: 2.46 MB
Download |Details
04-14-2005 Language: US - English Size: 1.99 MB
Download |Details

Modem Creatix
04-06-2005 Language: US - English Size: 377 KB
Download |Details
Monitor drivers
04-18-2005 Language: US - English Size: 272 KB
Download |Details

NVidia VGA driver
04-18-2005 Language: US - English Size: 12.84 MB
Download |Details vers 61.35
Power Producer Update
08-12-2004 Language: US - English Size: 3.24 MB
Download |Details

04-14-2005 Language: US - English Size: 64 KB
Download |Details

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

It may be a graphics card that has VIVO capability... (video in and video
out).... which is what I have.

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