very slow slide transition?




I've created a very simple presentation - with the exception of one slide
just one image on each slide. I had it as very slow fade in custom animation
but found the "double-clicking" (to slide > animation) a bit of a nuisance
(I won't actually be doing the clicking when the presentation is used so am
thinking of someone trying to get it to work!)

I changed it all to an on-click fade-in slide transition (with on-click
custom animation fade out) - but find the "slow" transition too fast. Is
there a way of slowing it down? I don't need it timed.... just slower than it

Many thanks for any suggestions.

Lucy Thomson (aka aneasiertomorrow)

Hi Kathryn

I'm a little confused (nothing new there). Could you explain exactly what
you have and what you want? It seems you have many slides all with one
picture on and you want to fade gently from one picture to the next - is that
right? Do you want the presenter to not have to click at all? Is the problem
the pictures come in too quickly or that they don't stay on screen for long
enough? Remember that we can't see what you see so the more detail the better
and that animations and transitions mean very specific things to us....

Oh, and what version are you using?



Hi Kathryn,

You can time speed the animation on every speed you want to.
Just set the speed of the animation from 5 (like now i quess) to 15 (for
In the animationsheme click your animated object, choose time, click in your
speedsettings (click on 5 seconds) and change the speed.
See what happens.

Succes Max.


Thanks Lucy - yes it is hard to describe without being able to show it...but
here goes!

I'm using PowerPoint 2007.

I actually have 2 presentations - one of a series of images which I've set
on a loop using slide transition - which is happily fading in and out without
clicking ... that one is fine.

The one I'm querying about is:
7 slides - each with one image
Each slide accompanies a short narrative
It would probably be best to have a click to start the slide at the same
time as the narration
Ideally, I'd like a very slow fade in so that the image is fully visible
around the middle of the (15-20 second) narration - the image stays for a few
seconds and then on click, fades.

Originally I set it as a custom animation of each image (on separate slides)
- which worked well but that seemed to need at least two clicks to start
working and sometimes the picture just zapped in... which ruins the
reflective effect a bit!
I removed that animation and set it to slide transition - slow fade in - but
this is a bit too quick.

My query is - is it possible to slow down the slide transition so that it
takes the 5-10 seconds that I had the custom animation set to?

Hope that makes more sense!

Many thanks

Lucy Thomson (aka aneasiertomorrow)

Hi Kathryn

Yes thanks that makes a lot more sense :)

Ok this is how I would do it:
1. Insert sound on 1st slide - select 'start automatically' when prompted
and drag off slide (so you can't see it in slide show view)
2. Insert picture on slide 1
3. Animation tab -> custom animation to open custom animation taskpane
4. Select sound file in custom animation list and change 'after previous' to
'on click'
5. Select picture -> add effect -> entrance -> fade
6. Change 'on click' to 'with previous'
7. Click on drop down arrow next to picture animation -> timing -> speed ->
type in speed you want (e.g. '15' or '20') & hit enter
8. With picture still selected -> add effect -> exit -> fade
9. Change timing of exit effect as desired (I would have it fade after
previous but delay start rather than 'on click' so I could control synching
it with end of narration - there is a delay option on the timing tab)
10. Repeat for other slides!

It will be easier to see how you want to control timings by looking at the
advanced timeline (drop down next to an animation -> show advanced timeline).
Have a look at this course:
It's for 2003 but the custom animation taskpane hasn't changed in 2007.

I hope that makes sense. If you have any more questions come back & we'll do
our best to help :)


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