VB.Net Self Study Books (2)



I am looking for VB.Net books which provide a lot of exercises (preferrably
with all the answers worked out on CD).
In earlier reactions Ken Tucker and M.Posseth recommended a few books.
Thanks for both of your reactions.

Ken included the links, so it is clear which books he recommended (I will
get them!)
M.Posseth recommended "the complete MCSD self paced training kit" and
"Programming Microsoft Visual Basic form Francesco Balena", "the
official ms press core reference".
I found the core reference book in the .Net version (ISBN 0735613753),
but there are a lot of Microsoft books with the words "self paced traing
kit" in the title. Was the "~.Net Core Requirements" one (ISBN 073519255)

For others, additional recommendations are very wellcome.

Thanks and Regards,


Cor Ligthert [MVP]


I would wait some months with buying a lot of books. Visual Studio Net 2005
will be released in some weeks. Some small however maybe important thing for
a book can still be changed.

It is always confusing when there is told that there is a menu item while it
is not there because in the RTM release it is replaced to another main menu

If you mean VS2003.

Those books will probably be soon much cheaper by shops as "De Slegte" (If
you are the same John from which I saw yesterday that he was Dutch).

Just my idea.



Thanks Cor,
I live in the US though, so cannot step by "de Slegte" easily. Will wait
with buying a lot of books.
Still need some advise on what books have a lot of excercises worked out on
Any advise there?




Hello John

the books i was referering were the following


This is the complete self paced training kit ( all the core requirments to
become a MCSD )
this is true value for monney as one book wil cost you at least $ 40 this
one got them all
+ VS .Net 2003 evaluation software, + includes 550 practice questions ( and
the answers )
this is the official preparation for MCP , MCAD and MCSD

it will teach you everything you need to know to become a full featured
developer ( application development , enterprise development , web
development , consulting ) even if you don`t go for the MCSD , MCAD , MCP
status :)

A must have for every VB programmer is in my eyes the Balena Book this is
the official MS press Core reference guide that covers almost every VB.net
programming topic , and is a perfect reference verry well and clear written
, with good tips and practices ( reading his books, articles and visiting
his website made me a much better programmer


please note that there are multiple versions of this book

VB6 , VB.Net 2000 , VB.Net 2003 and in january 2006 the VB.Net 2005 edition
wich you can pre order at Amazon ( i did that )
all written by Francesco Balena and the MS press official language

the link is to the 2003 version

Believe me that i know from experience that the above books are really worth
every cent they cost , i dear to say that i have a lot of experience but the
above books made me a much better programmer .

my experience is that there are a lot of coders out there , but there are
not so many good coders, the above books will make you a better coder :)


Michel Posseth [MCP]

Paul Bromley

I particularly liked this book - very readable and as a hobbyist program I
found it explained many things that other books lost me completly on:-

Visual Basic .NET Primer Plus (Paperback)
by Jack Purdum

Best wishes

Paul Bromley

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