Recommendations on .NET self-study or classes?


Peter E. Granger

First, I would like to apologize in advance if this is not the appropriate
place to post this message; of the .NET-related newsgroups I found, this
seemed to be the most general. If the information I'm requesting is covered
in a FAQ somewhere, please point me to it, and I'll be happy to read it.

A group of friends and I, mostly professional developers, have decided that
it is time for us to learn .NET. We are (variously) versed in C, C++, Java,
Visual Basic, and other languages, and also have varying degrees of
expertise in client-server, distributed programming, networks, etc. However,
none of us has any professional experience (yet) with the .NET framework.

To remedy this, we're forming a small study group, and are looking for
recommendations on a good approach to this. Does anyone have any good
recommendations for how to learn .NET in a way that will give a good
combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, i.e., something that
will sound good in an interview AND be useful if one actually *gets* the

We'd be interested in:

- Tutorial books with actual hands-on exercises
- Theory books explaining the .NET framework, with concrete examples
- Links to any self-study guides anyone might know of
- On-line courses
- On-campus courses, if anybody knows of any in the Seattle area

For example, we have the Deitel "How To Program" books for VB.NET, C++ .NET,
and C#. The first two, at least, spend most of their time on the language
and IDE, and only give secondary importance to .NET (we haven't gone too far
with C# yet, so that one may be different). There are also the various Sams
Publishing "Teach Yourself <blank> in 21 Days" books, but those also appear
to focus more on the languages than on the framework.

Your recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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