Varying Boot-Time Defrag Approaches



I have tried three programs that do boot-time defrag of the page file and
registry. Their times to complete are vastly different.

1. The freeware PageDefrag ( completes faster than I
can read the report it displays. But it does a thorough job nonetheless,
since Diskkeeper found nothing to defragment in those files after I ran

2. PerfectDisk Professional seems to do the same thing as PageDefrag, but
takes a minute or so to do it.

3. Diskkeeper seems to do more than defragment the system and page files,
since after reporting that these were already defragmented, proceeded to
require 3 to 5 minutes to do something else. I think it tries to deal with
non-system files that it hasn't successfully defragmented online, although
I'm not sure. Diskkeeper issues more warnings about backing up and doesn't
allow you to schedule a boot defrag for every reboot, leaving the
impression that its procedures are more risky than competitors, but that
might be misleading.

If Diskkeeper defrags non-system files on boot that it couldn't reach
online, the most efficient solution would be a defrag that can reach all
files online, combined with PageDefrag, which does the most efficient job
with the page file and registry offline. PerfectDisk can often defrag most
everything online, and perhaps its offline defrag should be turned off in
favor of the faster Page Defrag.

The most economical solution would be Diskkeeper Home for a home system
with Page Defrag, except for Diskkeepers inability to reach some data

But is that really important. I mean, what's a few fragmented files among


Using M2, Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:


You waste youre time adding 3rd party tools that xp already has to do the job.
To defrag the page file,simply open system properties to page file,click youre C
drive,set to no page file,click set 2x.close-out,restart computer.Back on desktop
defrag C: drive,options,delete files if they exist,close-out.Open system properties
re-set youre C: drive as before,close-out,youll see the pop-up to overwrite th
existing page file,select yes.Youve now defraged the page file,restart computer.


Seems to me the needless expenditure of time occurs below when you have to
restart the computer twice. Also, if there's a native way to defrag the
registry (is there?) it must be done separately, whereas a third party
utility does it together with the page file. Set against a one-time
installation, I don't see the efficiency.


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