Jan 5, 2006
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Well I thought I'd say my bit about their customer service, I placed an order nearly 4 weeks ago and specifically checked to make sure all the parts were in stock I even changed the UV colours to make sure I could do the job, on placing the order everything went well until after closing time I was e mailed to say some bits were not in stock so I asked them to cancel the order but apparently it had been posted. I was then e mailed that the other bits would be sent within 7 days so I then added more items to be sent along at the same time, after 3 weeks I e mailed to ask where the bits were to be told they will be sent within 7 days so 10 days later I e mail again then the bits were sent but again some were missing and were to follow later.

I'm disgusted with their lies and poor service, so I ordered a kit from E Buyer to get 2 sata t pieces then I find they are exactly the same as the ones they are selling at top price under the AC Ryan name, all the molexes came in an unmarked / labeled bag, yet the sata and ide leads were in real AC Ryan packaging.

I do not know for certain but it looks like they are selling cheap bits at AC Ryan prices, or if not the AC Ryan bits are what E Buyer sells for next to nothing, I have checked the mold number which is on each piece and they are the same numbers.

So if you want "AC Ryan" or what ever Vadim are selling for about 1/10th of the price go to E Buyer. And at least when they show in stock the bits arrive when they should.


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