Using SSH tunnels


Greg DePasse

I've sucessfully used SSH tunnels with Remote
Desktop on a Windows 2000 machine. It involves setting
up a port forwarding scheme in my SSH client and then
configuring RDC to connect to "localhost:<whatever port I
choose (not 3389)>". This works great.

However, I am now on the road with a loaner Win XP
Pro machine and whenever I enter "localhost:25389" I get
the following error:

The client could not connect. You are already connected
to the console of this computer. A new console session
cannot be established.

It seems to me that the XP version is disregarding the
port number and focusing solely on the name. Is anyone
else using SSH tunnels (I searched for SSH and localhost,
but didn't find anything relevant, so my guess is no
one). Is there a fix for this?

I've tried telnetting to localhost 25389 and it sits at a
blank screen. Is this the desired output? Is there
something I can type as this point to test it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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