Question on Remote Desktop Setup



Hi All,

I am using Remote Desktop over SSH. I got my SSH client from I have successfully opened up an SSH connection to my
Linux box, then created a tunnel with the proper listen and destination
ports, and successfully connected to my Windows XP box.

My question now is since I have 3 boxes, how do I create additional
tunnels to the other boxes? I mean, port 3389 is currently going to
one of my boxes. Would I have to change the port Remote Desktop
listens on, and then forward that port in my router???


Sooner Al [MVP]

I have not used that particular client but with PuTTY you configure
additional tunnels then address the second PC using the address of
"localhost:3391" and the third PC using the address "localhost:3392" for

There is no need, at least with PuTTY, to change the listening port on the
second or third PCs from the default TCP Port 3389. Its very similar if you
use Tunnelier. Here is an example for the second PC...


Al Jarvi (MS-MVP Windows Networking)

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