Using Restrict formatting and the new Equation editor together



Is there a way to use automatic formatting in the new equation editor when
Word 2007's restrict formatting feature is turned on ("Limit formatting to
permitted styles")? Currently, if this option is turned on, variables with
Latin letters are not formatted in italic, as they should be. They are even
with the document default font, and not with the new Cambria Math font.
Ctrl+I is not working, because formatting is restricted. I tried to create a
new charachter style with Cambria Math font and italic, but it did not
produce the same format as the original equation. It did not help, if I check
the "Allow AutoFormat to override formatting " option either.

It would be really nice to use both features (restrict formatting + new
equation editor) together.

Thanks for the help,

Stefan Blom

I can confirm what you are seeing. As far as I know, the only workaround is
to insert a Microsoft Equation object (via Insert tab | Object); the older
type of equations work even with restricted formatting.


Thanks for confirming it. I would like to use the new equation editor, so I
guess I have to skip then the restrict formatting option.


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