How do I enable the Equation Editor in Word 2007?



I'm using word 2007 on a platform running vista 0S. With word 2007 open,
under theinsert tab, the equation editor symbol (pi) is greayed out. I've
downloaded math typ add-in and it still is greayed out. How do I enable th
eequation editor feature in word 2007 to write equations?

Word help has be helpless.


Stefan Blom

The new equation editor of Word 2007 only works if you first save your
document in a Word 2007 format, such as *.docx (macro-free Word document).

Alternatively, you can use the old equation editor via Insert tab | Object.

Bob Mathews

If you've downloaded "MathType" (not "math typ") and installed it,
there will be a MathType tab on Word's Ribbon. Click the plain blue
Sigma, labeled "Inline", at the upper left of the MathType tab to
insert an equation.

Bob Mathews
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Design Science, Inc.
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