Using Hotmail as the default email within Outlook



I've recently changed from a third party ISP to Hotmail. I've set Hotmail up
as favourite 9which is a tedious way to access it) and I want to use it in
Outlook in the same way as previoussy that is, new Hotmail emails received in
Inbox and all replies, new emails etc sent from Inbox using Hotmail. I've
followed Help instructions, downloaded and Installed Outlook Connector.
Nothing has changed except that a hotmail title has been added under personal
files within Outlook. It's empty and neither a left nor right click reveals
anything! All emails continue to reside in my Hotmail.
Anybody got any ideas??
I'm in the UK by the way





Mike H

Is hotmail set as both the default account and the default message store?
Do you get any errors?

Forgive me for butting in here...but default message store? As in "deliver
new e-mail to the following location:"? If that's what you mean I confess
that I never considered changing it from "personal folders in outlook.pst"
to "[me]".

I wonder what the results of that would be, given that I use multiple
accounts of various types?

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